Welcome to Oriens Lumina, where you will journey into the magical land of Xu Forest, a rich world inspired by traditional Chinese tales, characters and themes.

Meet Mang, the Guardian of the Sun, who warns you of a strange darkness that has begun to spread. Venture into the Five Realms, where you will encounter many strange phenomena and beautiful creatures. And catch a glimpse, along the way, of the five precious sources of energy that will help restore the lost light.

Let yourself be transported through the forest, along a surreal nighttime adventure, where light installations, video projections and original music highlight the beauty of the natural setting and bring this contemporary story to life.


It is said that centuries ago, in the magical land of Xu Forest, a strange darkness began to spread, which prevented the sun from rising. The Guardian of the Sun, a small but brave demigod called Mang, set off into this mysterious place, eager to restore the light.

As Mang travelled through the Five Realms, he encountered many surreal phenomena. His path held many twists and turns, and as he explored, he came across five luminous sources of energy that each embodied one of the Five Elements--Water, Wood, Fire, Metal and Earth.

As he activated each one, their energy strengthened the sun, allowing it to rise again, stronger and brighter than ever.

Now, the legend repeats itself, and darkness is spreading.
Venture into the Five Realms of Xu Forest, and you may also discover the five precious lights to bring back the sun.

  • FIRE
  • WOOD
    These five hidden sources of energy await discovery. Their powerful essence will bring back the sun, and you can find them all along your journey. Watch, as their light comes to life!
    Meet the brave and bird-like Guardian of the Sun, who will lead you on a journey through Xu Forest. A spirit of springtime, he is called from the darkness to revive the light.
    Companions of Mang, along his journey, these three friends are playful and curious. Watch and listen for their antics as you discover Xu Forest, and look out for their attempt to fish for the moon!
    These futuristic birds are closely associated with Mang’s identity as a winged guardian. Feel the special magic they bring into the experience, as they fly in large flocks.
    Searching constantly for anything that emanates light, the evil force seeks to capture luminous energy. At its core, a black void takes the shape of an eye, gazing upon the forest like a predator.
    Marvel at the appearance of these mythical creatures, whose luminous presence is a beacon of hope. Shimmering in and out of the forest, they offer an omen of good things to come.
    Behold the beauty and magnificence of this magical tree, waiting to come alive once again. The powerful Magnolia is a symbol of the light that returns to Xu Forest.
    Click on the arrows to travel through the world of Oriens Lumina
    Prepare to discover the luminous wonders of a mysterious world.
    Mang’s House
    Meet the Guardian of the Sun, and begin your journey by learning his story.
    Many Moons
    Explore the mysterious moons, trapped under water.
    Woodland Maze
    Interact with the infinite, colourful woodland maze.
    Magnetic Storm
    Witness a fiery storm that rampages all around.
    Hidden Temple
    Discover a hidden temple behind strange-flowing metal.
    Magnolia Renaissance
    Observe the magnolia blossom, sprouting from the earth.
    Infinite Sunrise
    Bask in the glow of the sun’s return, as you bid farewell to Xu Forest.

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  • CHILD FREE (under 1.2m)
  • ADULT 198 RMB
  • *There is no ticket office on site. Please book online to access the experience via Douyin (抖音) and Maoyan(猫眼) platform. Scan the QR code to access the ticketing platforms.
    Who can visit the experience? Is it suggested for children and seniors? The experience is designed for all ages. There are no mobility restrictions on this site. However, the path is 1.2km so guests must be able to walk this distance at a good pace.
    How long does it last? The experience will last 50 – 60min.
    How much time can I spend visiting? Am I limited in time? The experience is designed as a linear path experience, guests are encouraged to walk the path with their dedicated group.
    Where can I buy a ticket? Tickets are available on DaMAI Maoyan and other online tickets platfroms.
    Why is it not possible to visit during the day? This multimedia Night Walk has been developed to be experienced after sunset.
  • About Dengyu Culture

    Dengyu (Shanghai) Culture Communication Co., Ltd. is an interdisciplinary content production company driven by the fusion of Art& Technology, committed to creating high-quality, high-standard and high-grade live entertainment content through cross-border collaboration and resources integration. Covering two major product lines - Innovative Performing Arts & Cultural Tourism, Dengyu is experienced with numerous productions including: interactive theatre "£¥€$", immersive night walk "Oriens Lumina", 8K Future Theater and innovative space “ArTech Hub” and etc.

    In possession of both a global vision and capabilities for innovative localized productions, DengYu dedicates to creating an all-round, ultimate and audience-oriented onsite experience, as well as spearheading the reformation of new consumption patterns of culture and entertainment with a dual engine model of “production + operation”.

  • About Shanghai Huansen

    Shanghai Huansen Culture Development Co., Ltd. is a joint-investment company based in Shanghai responsible for Oriens Lumina's operation, founded by Dengyu (Shanghai) Culture Communication Co., Ltd., Haiguo Culture (Group) Co., Ltd. and Xinxian Shizheng Construction Co., Ltd.. With the goal of establishing "Oriens Lumina" as the new cultural and touristic landmark in Shanghai with a forward-looking vision, it will facilitate Fengxian New Town in realizing the beautiful vision of becoming "a city of innovation, a city of parks, a city of digitalization, a city of consumption and a city of culture and creativities".

  • Who is Moment Factory?

    Moment Factory is a multimedia studio with a full range of production expertise under one roof. Our team combines specializations in video, lighting, architecture, sound and special effects to create remarkable experiences. Headquartered in Montreal, the studio also has other addresses in Tokyo, Paris, New York City and Singapore. Since its inception in 2001, Moment Factory has created more than 500 unique projects worldwide, including the Lumina Night Walk series. Productions span the globe and include such clients as Changi Airport, Notre-Dame Basilica of Montreal, Disney, Arcade Fire, Microsoft, Sony, Boston Museum of Science, Madonna, Cipriani, Universal Studios, the Toronto Zoo and the Reims Cathedral.

    Oriens Lumina is the 16th Enchanted Night Walk, and the first to be produced in China.

    Address: Nine trees art central park, Shuhuan road, Fengxian district, Shanghai, China
    Telephone /email: +86 19370736053